Pack Rat

About 2 weeks ago I cleaned my desk at work. It was looking pretty impressive. But then I opened ped and then I felt horrible about myself. Why? It was a disaster!

I go from extremes- complete OCD about everything in a line, color coded, alphabetized to utter chaos. I was a kid who would write notes during class and then when I got home I would rewrite them in neat penmenship. And then I would file it in order in the class my color coded binder. This really did last until my 2nd year of college and then I realized I was losing sleep over having perfectly copied and organized notes. So now I go between neat and chaos.

-This is chaos-

Bag of trail mix
1 straw
2 chop sticks
1 glue stick
1 container of bobby pins
1 box of teeny tiny hair bands
40 or so push pins
1 packet each of Tylenol and Advil
Mini box of pennies and a nickel
Pink eraser
Handful of rubber bands
Tooth paste (no toothbrush)
Emory board
Compact mirror
2 packets of face wipes
Highlighters: 3 orange, 1 pink, 1 yellow
2 boxes of business cards, 1 new and 1 old (without correct font and red back)
Plastic cutlery: 3 spoons, 2 forks, 2 knives
Handful of napkins
A mania envelope, a business envelope
17 pay stubs
1 paper bowl that was in there to hold misc condiment packets* that failed miserably.
1 package of.5mm mechanical pencils, 1 package of eraser refills, 1 packet of .5 mm lead refills, 1 package of .7 mm lead refills (useless)
1 pages of 3 retractable erasers
Laminated phone list
3 take out menus
2  stacks of mini post its
42 packets of ketchup
8 mustard
10 mayo
1 hot sauce
1 grape jelly
2 creamy peanut butter
2 sugar, 1 truvia
3 pepper/4 salt



I took about 30 minutes to clean it out, do an inventory, return some things to our main supply closet, and reorganizing.

Why did I have 42 packets of ketchup?

1. I like ketchup

2. I would always grab ketchup from the cafeteria downstairs when I bought something, weather I needed it or not.

3. I like ketchup.

So, no, I was not going to throw it out. That is just wasteful. This just means I need to eat more egg white omelets and stop grabbing ketchup.