4.29-5.1: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

I took Friday off so that I could attend 2 classes about scrapbooking techniques at CKC Manchester. Once Price got off of work we headed to Skaneateles for his mom’s birthday. The family got together for dinner on Saturday. We stuffed ourselves silly. Sunday morning was laid back and then we were on our way back to Boston.


Woke up at 5.15 to watch the wedding!

While Watching the Wedding, I cut recipes out of magazines to put in recipe binder

Packed supplies for classes

Went to Bank of America because they flagged my account for suspicious activity

Drive up to Manchester NH for CKC convention and classes

Took the Studio Calico class ‘trending Techniques with my friend Emily taught by Kelly Purkey


Took a Misting Techniques class taught by Vee Jennings

Drove back to Boston to get home to pack for the weekend and pack up the car

Price and I left just before 7pm for our drive to Skaneateles, NY for his mom’s bday

We arrived around 12.30am

Saturday (Elaine’s Birhday!)-

Right after we got up Chase came by with the boys. It is endlessly cute to hear Addison say ‘UnklePice!’ all one word

Catherine then came over and we had breakfast of gluten free pancakes.

Everyone left and Price and I got ready for day

I went into the village to get a pedicure and to the grocery store


While everyone was out Price and I enjoyed some wine/beer and the sun

I prepped the horiatiki salata for dinner and some guacamole to enjoy with chips while the boys played


We all had dinner together- chicken, pork, hot dogs, potato salad, shrimp and rice, and much more

The boys played out front some more before they headed home.

Price and I watched the NASCAR race

Price’s friend Chris came over so they could catch up.


Made breakfast with leftovers, love a garbage plate!

Ate outside to enjoy the weather

Showered, packed up bags and car

Went with Elaine and Catherine to look at a ranch house for Elaine

Nesting dove next to the back porch so we stayed in the front of the house

Stopped by Chase and Heather’s to say bye to the boys.

Drive, drive, and drive some more.

Arrive in Boston around 5.30, go to the grocery store

Back home, unpacked the car, put groceries away

I prepped 2 kinds of ice cream- strawberry mint and mint chocolate chip

Made dinner- stir fry with Tofu, broccoli, onion, and asparagus and rice noodles

Watched disc 2 of Gone with the wind

Made strawberry mint ice cream

bed by 10.45

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities.

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