Lunching with Momogoose: Week 2

Week 2 of dining with Momogoose. I’m thoroughly enjoying my free lunches I have won for the month. Let’s see what I had for week #2.

Monday May 9th- Masala Chicken ($5.00)

How to liven up the first day back to work after a great weekend off? Get something flavorful and spicy! Lunch is a great way for me add some excitement to staring at a computer all day drawing and drawing a massive project.

Masala spices- the curry was really flavorful, it was a tad bit pungent for the office setting so I suggest eating this outside
Chicken- the tender white meat chicken was cut up into but sized pieces. Very manageable for eating on the go at lunch.
As a whole the entrée was really good. The portion was so large that I divided it in half and saved it for dinner at the office. I was expecting a saucer dish than what I received. I don’t mean to say it was dry at all, just saying I thought it was going to be a creamy curry; like chicken tika masala. Surprise, surprise.

Tuesday May 10th- Vietnamese Chicken Pho (Large $5)

Let’s say it together now… “Fuh” not “Faux” Let’s try that again “Fuh, Fuh Fuh!” Let’s use it in a sentence “This Chicken Pho was amazing!” Good, Good, let’s move on!

The pho was so flavorful because it had such a great base. I loved the light broth and how it warmed me up on yet another cold spring day. 
The chicken was shredded white meat chicken. I love that it is shredded. I have a (strange?) phobia related to chopped up meat. It goes back to Campbell chicken soup and how gross that chicken is. I equate that anything chopped up is paid less attention of something that is shredded by hand. So I am so glad to see this shredded chicken
The cilantro that was floating in my soup adding occasional hits of extra flavor

Wednesday May 11th- ga nuog ($5.00) and a spring roll ($1.50)

I was supposed to meet Price on Tuesday for lunch but got caught up in the fact that I needed to get to the bank so I completely forgot. I’m so horrible! I made it up to him by meeting him for lunch today. I grabbed lunch at Momogoose and then went to sit in Quincy Market to share the meal.

Vermicelli noodles make for a good bed for the entrée. Vermicelli noodles are fairly nuetral in flavor so they do a good job at absorbing the lemon grass flavor from the chicken.
The chicken in the dish is dark meat. I don’t really like dark meat chicken so I skipped it and had the spring roll and some noodles. Worked out well, more for Pricer then.  

Thursday May 12th– Chicken Dumpling Soup (Large $4.50)

Another cold day in Boston. What is going on? It feels like October!!! I knew I would get soup for lunch since Tuesday’s lunch was so good, plus I wanted the comfort of something warm. I decided to try the dumpling soup for some variety.

This soup was massive. It really is large enough for 2 meals, making it such a great value. 
The broth is extremely flavorful. It was an more intense color than the pho I had on Tuesday. It was more peppery as well. I love white pepper in soup, especially Asian soups. 
There were several dumplings mixed in the soup, along with the noodles. The dumplings were filled with ground chicken. They were large and tender. 

Friday May 13th- Ginger and Scallion Chicken ($5.00)

I saw on twitter that the special for the day was Ginger and Scallion Chicken. I had  also heard via twitter that a movie was being shot outside Quincy Market so I grabbed lunch, walked over there to watch the actors. I stayed classy by eating my lunch standing up star gazing.

The chicken was tender skinless white meat chicken breast.
It was clear that this was a ginger and scallion flavored meat entrée. The ginger was very prominent and there were several pieces of cooked scallion in the sauce. this is a great dish if you like ginger; if you dislike ginger then skip this dish.
I love that with every entrée they give you a few pieces of steamed veggies. 


My favorite meal this week was the chicken pho. I really loved the chicken dumpling soup more but slipped out of the ‘is this thing gluten free?’ zone when I got it and then slightly regretted it later. So the plainer soup with vermicelli noodles wins out.

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