-view from the front door-

I had been counting down until 8am this morning ever since our new landlord told us the previous tenants would be moving out on Saturday and we could meet him to get the keys. Price and I got up around 6.30, packed the car with cleaning supplies and some stuff to bring over, grabbed breakfast at Starbucks, and drove the 6.2 miles over to the new place.

-the living room-


-view from the windows in the living room-

We are beyond excited about the windows… 7 total. It’s like coming out of the murky water and evolving to have legs- such a major change!

-walking into the kitchen-


 -the ugly red wall that we will paint with chalkboard paint-

We have 3 large closets. PLUS a HUGE storage locker in the basement. We didn’t see the locker prior to today so when we saw it I did a little jump since it was so much bigger than we anticipated.

– the bedroom-

-another view of the bedroom-

I’m so excited about having a real oven and stove. A GAS stove!!! Going from an electric flat cook top and a combo microwave/convection oven.

-err this is the size of the closet price and I will SHARE, oh crap-

Our new landlord said we could paint. We already have some Martha Stewart paint colors in mind. Mimosa, maybe?! We are going to have a chalkboard wall in the kitchen. Debating on making it magnetic. (Thoughts?)

– the linen closet-

We are really optimistic about settling into this place for 2 years, at least. It seems like we can really make it work and seem like home. But first I have a lot of cleaning to do. I already did A LOT of cleaning. I had tweeted that our apartment smelled “pin-solriffic” holy crap the floor was filthy! We knew the previous tenants had 2 cats so we would have to do a lot of cleaning since Price is really allergic. BUT when I met our new neighbors and chatted them up I found out the had a dog too. I guess the combo of those 3 animals in a 1 bedroom would result in that STINK and the hairballs that I vacuumed up from under the radiator.

-El baño-

Right now I am crashing. Crashing into bed since it’s been a long day of cleaning, moving boxes from the carload that PRice brought and a trip to Providence for a friend’s son’s Full Moon party. Bed is so inviting right now. ‘Night.

-bring nail polish with you so you can identify keys-