NKOTBSB @ Fenway {1}

You may recall that I confessed my love for The Backstreet Boys last year when their newest album came out. They were my first concert!! They are my ‘I-know-every-word-to-this-song’ and my ‘drive-Pricer-super-crazy-by-playing-all-their-CD’s-on-repeat’ band. So when I heard talks of a tour with New Kids on the Block I was tweeking out a bit. what? NKOTB AND BSB?!?!?!! One year my camp councilor woke us up every morning by BLASTING a NKOTB song. You will def wake up to ‘Hang Tough’ blasting and wake up happy. When the ‘boys’ ended the American Music Awards with a mashup I sat glued to the TV and watched it over and over again.


Fast forward a few months to their tickets going on sale and Amanda sending out a tweet about getting some American Express presale tickets. Sign me up!! After counting down the months, weeks, days we finally made our way to Fenway to see NKOTBSB!!!!

Every aspect of the show was fantastic!!

Jordin Sparks opened for the bands. It was the second time I had seen her as an opener

Mayor Menio named June 11th 2011 NKOTBSB day (actually it might just be NKOTB day but you can’t understand a word that man really says)

Mark Wahlberg, aka Marky Mark, came out to introduce the bands

The bands ran out on the field from the Red Sox dug out for intros


It poured rain but we were under the upper deck so remained dry

Even though it poured and was so cold the boys kept performing and even had fun in the rain splashing around and using the stage as a slip and slide


Oh and let’s not forget the abs, lots and lots of abs. umm Donnie is 41… Those Wahlbergs have amazing genes and must work out 24/7.

Naughty By Nature came out and performed a song. Holy 90’s night!!

Joey Mac brought out his son at the end. so sweet!

Intro from Mark and first performance from the bands

BSB’s “I want it that way”

Naughty By Nature’s “O.P.P”

Many more photos and videos to come…


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6.10-12: How Martha Were You?

How Martha Were You?

Everything is messy and chaotic but I love that we are in our new home. While I stumble over boxes I remind myself that everything will come together and we will get settled.

It’s sad that as we are settling into our place our friends Natalie and Jason are starting to really pack up their place to head to Texas. I’m glad that we were able to go to the Top of the Hub with them before they left.

Friday Night-

Setting into the new place- we assembled the bakers rack for the kitchen and, in general, lots of unpacking still. Big surprise there!



Price and I both went to Haymarket. We had McDonald’s for breakfast. Much better coffee than DD.





After unloading the groceries, I went to the dump to unload our empty boxes for recylcing.

I then went to Whole Foods. It’s only a mile from our house now!!!!

Back home… more unpacking. Duh!



Met Amanda at Riverside T stop, took the train together to Cambridge 1 for pizza, and then on to the NKOTBSB show!!!! It was amazing. I loved every bit of it!

I was a genius who left her wallet at the froyo place so I had to walk there in the rain to get it before getting on the T. awesome…



Price painted the kitchen blue while I attacked the bedroom. Then I started to straighten up the kitchen, like loading up the bookcase for the cookbooks.


I went to The Container Store, while on my way out I was stopped by a woman trying to stop a family of Canadian Geese from getting on to Route 9. After 15 minutes of clapping and shaking keys, we got them back to the pond behind the shopping center. Poor little babies!


Price and I halted work on the apartment to get all pretties. We had dinner at Top of the Hub with Natalie and Jason. It was a fantastic time!

During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a segment called How Martha Were You? every Monday morning where you recap your weekend’s activities.


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