Ashmont Grill with Boston Brunchers

Last month, I attended a fantastic brunch at Ashmont Grill with Boston Brunchers. I was so happy to be able to attend this brunch since Ashmont Grill was a new place to me. I love getting to try a new place, as well as doing so with a group of passionate people about food and blogging.

Veronica, our server, was very attentive from drinks to the complimentary dessert. She graciously saw to our large groups needs, especially our drinks. Although I had just come from a massage and I told myself I wouldn’t drink, I still got a peartini. At least I followed it up with 5 glasses of water. The peartini was light, refreshing, bubbly, sweet- all the prefect elements in a brunch beverage.

My last brunch outting was pretty bad, especially my Eggs Benedict. Since I order Benny 95% of the time and I had such a bad one last time, I ordered it again at Ashmont Grill. The eggs benedict ($12)

The kitchen sent out a complimentary dessert of sticky toffee pudding. I’m sure it was great but I passed mine up since I had already outdone myself with the eggs benedict. Looked sooo good.

I’d like to clarify that my photos are extra crappy since it was acting up that day. Some days are good and I get great photos. Other days are like this. It was having one of those days when it was really struggling. So much so that when we took the group photo it actually smoked a bit. Occasionally, the camera will send up a puff a smoke when the flash is used. So when I heard ‘did that camera just smoke?!’ I knew mine had just gone off. < awkward turtle >