Brimfield’s weirdest and finest

Yesterday I went to the Brimfield Antiques Show for the third time. I absolutely love it. I love hunting around for the best bargains, most unique finds, and spotting the weirdest things that people are hawking.


I was talking Brimfield up with my coworker so we decided to go together. We each had specific things that we were looking for so there was some hunting for both of us. As usual I looking around for Pyrex and blue ball jars.


Along the way we found some other things to purchase. We both picked up old maps. I got a map of Greece published in 1958 that I will use for scrapbooking and a map of North America published in 1964. I’m not particularly sure what I will use that for but I could not pass it up. Grabbed them for 2 for $5.


Olena picked up a map to frame and she hit up some jewelry booths. Her mission critical item was a book to modify to use as an album for her recent trip to Iceland. Her prefect find cost under $5. Big wins all around.

I highly suggest that everyone checks out Brimfield at least once. It’s a lot of fun, plus where else can you see this??

PS. I saw Diane Keaton there. She is stunning. I tired to give Olena a ‘look over there eyes’ only to realize I was wearing sunglasses, which I hardly ever do. I fail.

I previously documented my Brimfield trips… check out my 2009 and 2010 finds.


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