We live during a time when everything is available 24/7/365. Just because I can get a tomato or corn during freezing January, doesn’t mean I should. Over the last few years I have become much more aware of when I purchase food seasonally. I have gotten extremely picky over tomatoes. I think tomatoes really should only be purchased when they are fresh to your region. I admit that I can’t stop myself from buying grape tomatoes all year (I just need them) but I can promise you that I will NOT purchase some watery large tomato just to slap it on top of a burger.


Since the summer since so short, especially in New England, I strive to get a lot of fresh ingredients and make a lot of food that shows off the fresh ingredients. If you happen to look closely, you’ll see that my cucumber is not the greenest of greens, but it was local and fresh. I am not going to knock that. It reminds me of those large, ugly as hell heirloom tomatoes that are not the prettiest but are amazing to eat.


I have made gazpacho a lot of the summers, I have even blogged about it before, and it continues to proves that it is one of those things that draws me in. I love the flavors of the tangy tomatoes, sweet corn, spicy jalapenos, and bitter onion. It does take a very long time to cut all the vegetables down to the size of a corn kernel, give or take,  but it is worth it and it makes a difference. You want everything to be roughly the same size so everything feels even in your mouth. I feel that really effects how you enjoy eating gazpacho. Additionally, I really suggest that you don’t make a huge batch (yes, this is a huge batch) and then freeze it. I did that once, I though it was gross afterwards. Please learn from my mistake, so if you know you won’t be sharing this with a lot of people, feel free to halve it.


Wanna hear something so funny? Well, I made this prior to our recent trip to Maine. I purposefully made this large yummy batch so I could bring some up and share. I brought it into work, I actually remembered it in the fridge, carried it to the car, secured it behind the seat and then left it there… for 2 whole days. In all the excitement of arriving to Maine I left it in the car. When we got in to take a quick drive for sunset beach pictures, I got a BIG nasty whiff of the gazpacho. So sad that I wasted half, and stunk up my car.



Serves 16


  • 3 ears of corn
  • 2 pints grape tomatoes
  • 1 English cucumber, deseeded
  • 1 red onion
  • 1 orange pepper
  • 1 red pepper
  • 2 jalapenos, minced
  • 6 cloves of garlic, minced
  • 46 oz tomato juice (I used 365 brand tomato juice)
  • 12-16 oz water
  • 1/4 cup red wine vinegar
  • salt and pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil, for serving
  • avocado, for serving


  1. Shuck corn and remove kernels from the cob.
  2. Mince the tomatoes, cucumber, onion, and peppers. All should be roughly the size of a corn kernel. Mince the jalapenos and garlic.
  3. Combine the corn, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, peppers, jalapenos, and garlic into a large bowl or 2, to have enough room to mix everything together.
  4. In a large pitcher, combine the tomato juice, water, vinegar, and salt and pepper.
  5. Pour the liquid into the vegetables.
  6. Serve with a drizzle of olive oil and diced avocado.


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Thank Vodka it’s Friday!

It’s just been one of those weeks.

I could not have been more happy to have this week over. Everyday has been ‘one of those days’ from the continual ‘fire drill’ urgency from the contractor and it’s overall over busyness. Oh yeah, not to forget, impending doom from Hurricane Irene.

When Friday came around I welcomed it with open arms, even knowing full well it would be full of it’s craziness. And it did not let me down. Not it did not! First there was, yet another, ‘crisis’ about something for a light with involved a $50G credit (ay yi yi). And then I had to run over to get blood drawn to get it test so the DR can figure out what the hell is going on with my stomach since she doesn’t think I have a gluten allergy. Well my veins did not want to cooperate and the nurse had to examine both arms and try my left 2x after I squeezed the crap out of some stress ball shaped like a pear. And the best part was that I found out that I have to go back for a lactose test on Wed morning which involves fasting.

So, right now, I am looking forward to having another drink with my newest favorite vodka and watching a movie with my goose.


PS- check out my super awesome NEW page for all  my recipes that I have posted. yay!

8.19-21: Weekend Recap

The weekend was focused on getting back home to be able to celebrate the “august birthdays”. It was a fun weekend. Busy, relaxing, loud, enjoyable, and hilarious. The boys constantly remind me how funny they are.

“Look I got a $20!”

“Well I got 2 $10’s! That’s better! Two of them!”

Friday Night-

On the T, I got my highest Yahtzee score!!! 353

Since Price was gone in ABQ I made one of my favorite quick dinners… a transformed, adapted, evolved version of these Garlic Noodles

made Nutella brownies and quinoa salad

Sorted laundry

finished a blog post

worked on layout sketches for a new HRN website


Woke up really early to do 2 loads of laundry before leaving for CT

On my way to Greenwich, I stopped at Rawley’s Drive Thru to use a Groupon. Had the most amazing milkshake.

Picked up a triple chocolate cake at DiMare’s, also using a groupon

Afternoon on the boat with Kris, Micheal, Keagan, Grey, Cole, Barbara, Richie, and Dad.

Took a ton of photos of the boys jumping in the water.


Back at GBYC we had dinner


Took a ton of photos of Cara

Back home with mom

Crashed around 10pm… on a Saturday! For shame! ha


Cobi woke me up early

Read more Bossy Pants

Breakfast at the Port Chester Diner with mom

Back on the road

Stop at Micheals for glue

Worked on papier mache for the Fashion Show while watching Bride and Prejudice

Made a Tomato Salad for dinner using mom’s garden tomatoes

Finished album for a gift

Finished another scrapbooking layout and planned 2 more

I do a weekly weekend recap to track what I accomplished over a weekend. I started because of a Monday morning radio segment called “How Martha Are You?”. During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a little contest to see just how ‘Martha’ You were. 


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2 breakfast’s + 8 miles= typ day in NYC

When Price and I go into New York City we go all out. I love the energy, pace, and everything to do and see in the City. I try to plan days that are focused on events, exhibits or places we want to eat at.

A few weeks ago we got the chance to do one of these action packed days. Believe me, it was a long, full day.

To make a long story short, I’ll just say that Price loves Linny Boyette on the Today Show. Who is Linny? Linny has been the Today Show audience fixture for over 15 years. He points to the camera as it passes (typ around 7.30am)

He is the reason that Price and I woke up at 5.15 to get on the 6.16 train out of Port Chester so we could be in the Today Show Audience.

After our waving at the Today Show cameras (Yes, we were on TV. We DVR’d the show and checked later), we walked down 5th to 23rd Street. Once we reached the Flat Iron building we hooked it over to the West Side on 23rd Street.


Our first breakfast stop was at La Maison du Macaron, between 6th and 7th. This place was suggested to us by Price’s roommate when he was in Biloxi rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina.  Francis works for Gilt Taste, so he obviously knows good food. This place lived up to his recommendation. Price had a ham and cheese crossiant and I had a Salted Caramel Macaron and a Rose Lychee Liquor macaron. I will be your best friend forever if you ever get me a box of those Rose Lychee Liquor Macarons.

To be able to cross off a “I want to go to there”* place, we continued down 23rd to Doughnut Plant. I think this place has been a place that I wanted to go to for over 5 years now. I just don’t typically go into The City early enough for breakfast, but today was a lucky day and we got to share a donut.

nom nom nom jeally donut with peanut butter glaze

Price and I then went to The Highline. I love this place. We went 2 years ago when it first opened so I was looking forward to coming to see Section 2 since it had opened. I will post more about The Highline later.


The heat of the morning started to creep upon use we we wandered along on The Highline, so we stopped at the People’s Pops stand to get a shaved ice. It was very refreshing and very flavorful.


Next stop: Eataly!

We walked back along 23rd Street to get to Eataly, the 50,000 sf Italian market. It was heavenly. I wandered around looking at the fresh produce, smoked meats, wedges of cheeses, and cool fish. There were several different restaurants of various sizes and themes.

While we could have eaten at Eataly we decided to go to Shake Shack in Madison Square Park. It was a fantastic decision. The line was long but went quickly. We enjoyed our burgers (mine was gluten free), shared our of cheese fries. Price got a black and white shake and I got a Hopscotch concrete. The lunch was amazing. Sad that the chatter of a Shake Shack in Boston did not pan out but glad we got to enjoy this visit there for lunch.


While we were at the park a couple got married. I thought they were just taking engagment photos since I was so into my food to care about the world around me. Guess I am glad I didn’t notice it since I would have been crying into my concrete instead of enjoying it.

After lunch Price and I walked back up 5th to 51st before deciding that continuing to Serendipity 3 to use a Groupon would add another mile to our walk in the heat. So we turned around walked back to 43rd to then walk to Grand Central. We were on the 2.37 train back to Port Chester.

And that is how your have 2 breakfasts and walk over 8 miles in New York City.

*Did you get the reference without having to look it up?


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