8.11-14: Weekend Recap

I cherish weekends away, and this weekend in Maine was another awesome weekend out of Boston. I had a fantastic time with Pricer’s family. We played with the boys. I read a lot. Did not sleep in at all but it was still great to be up so early to get a lot of the day in. Took a ton of photos.


fled work at 12.30 to drive up to ‘at Maine’

As soon was we walked in and took off our shoes Addison took Price’s

Dinner with everyone. We had lobster!!!


Woke up super duper early from the boys.

We had breakfast and then got ready to head down for a Herb’s beach.

Then we walked to another neighbor’s ‘beach’ to walk on the ledges there.

Price and I walked back to ‘G-Ma’s house’ to relax, while Chase and Heather went back to Herb’s so the boys could play more and have a snack.

lunch, showers, reading, relaxing, chatting.

3pm- everyone came over to hang out and for a BBQ


took a few dozen pictures of the boys jumping. so much energy!

After everyone left and the boys went to bed,  I played Trivial Pursuit with Chase, Heather, and Price. Price and I won.


Up early to say good bye to Chase, Heather, Addison, Braedan

Made (adult) cherry cokes, read (and finished) Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris

Overall… a lot of relaxing

Price and I went ‘fishing’ at the pond. The shiners loved the bread we were using as bait. It was fun casting the fishing line again.

I saw a snake. Almost stepped on it. Swore like a sailor.

For low tide (5.30ish) we went to ‘the hub’ to get muscles for dinner

Had a fantastic diner of muscles, corn off the cob, toasted rolls

quick drive to yoder’s house to see the sunset

Watched half of “Under The Tuscan Sun”


Early morning

Started to reread Bossypants by Tina Fey. Read half the book in about 3 hours.

Left the house before noon to get home for dinner time.

Stopped by Nervous Nellies to get our neighbors a gift for watching the rabbits.

Long drive home, traffic Maine border to MA border.

Back home! Made dinner, watched the last 2 episodes of True Blood season 1


I do a weekly weekend recap to track what I accomplished over a weekend. I started because of a Monday morning radio segment called “How Martha Are You?”. During Morning Living on Martha Radio, the hosts hold a little contest to see just how ‘Martha’ You were. 


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