I have a severe case of wanderlust.

We just had a fantastic day in Charlotte. Lots of NASCAR, went to the Big G office here, had an amazing BBQ dinner, and had a little dip in the hot tub. We’re we lounge in our hotel room eating popcorn and watching Ghostbusters. Nothing entirely special at this moment but we are enjoying just getting the chance to relax… no laundry, no dishes, nothing distracing us from doing nothing.

So at this moment I’m already dreaming of the nextr trips planned.

SLC, Provo – October, 2011

Greece – March, 2012

I can’t wait for either of those trips. I know that both will be fantastic in each of their own ways. The thought of them makes me think of all the other fun places that we can go together. I love thinking about fun trips that we could go to. Here are a few places that we are thinking about at this point.


Austin, Texas


Napa Valley



Where do you suggest we go to? Where do you want to go to?


How to entertain yourself in a car for 11 hours

So we made it to Charlotte!

Prior to leaving last night for CT, I went to CVS for road trip staples… Candy! But I also picked up a pack of Sally Hansen Nail Strips so that I could do my nails while in the car. Pretty genius!



So right now I have my nails done, a beer in hand, and the lap top at hand so we can look for some fun things to so while we are here in Charlotte! Awesome day.

Don’t forget… You can still enter the Boston Brunchers Birthday Brunch contest to win a ticket!

Just Enjoy the Show LO- Studio Calico 4/10 Sunday Sketch


I am actually looking forward to this fall and winter. That is a bizarre statement from me but at this point it comes down to having the free time to craft and scrapbook. It’s really evident that I didn’t so much scrapbooking over the summer when you consider this sketch was first published in April. Whoops!

I like sketches when the titles run vertically, becoming an element with the photo. I thought that running the title vertically might make it appear smaller than a big block of text in the middle of the page just staring at you. I think it worked in this case. I regret the choice of thickets I used with the rest of the page colors and elements, but it is what it is at this point.

Boston Brunchers’ Birthday Brunch- Ticket Giveaway!

To say that I enjoy brunch is an understatement. At the beginning of the year, I heard about a new group called Boston Brunchers and I knew that I had to participate in it. Spending time with other Bostonian’s enjoying brunch at different restaurants around Boston… obviously a great idea.

I have had the pleasure of enjoying brunch with Boston Brunchers at…

Dorado Tacos and Cemitas (2/2012)

Sel De La Terre (5/2012)

Ashmont Grill (6/2012)

Avenue One (7/2012)

Well now I have the pleasure of going to the one year anniversary brunch. <yay!> And if that’s not awesome enough, I get to give away a ticket as well. You really want to win… trust me. Just check out the list of restaurants and companies that are providing goodies in the swag bags!

The original brunch location had to change and instead of just announcing it Renee, the organizer of BB, held a little contest allowing the person who correctly guessed the new location to give away a ticket. After 2 guesses I correctly guessed that the new location will be Island Creek Oyster Bar.

To win a spot.

1) leave a comment telling me why you like to attend brunch.

For extra chances to win.

1) Tweet the following: “I really want to win a ticket for @bostonbrunchers bday brunch at @ICOBar from @iamahoneybee http://wp.me/pzEAP-1vs&#8221;

2) Follow me on Twitter @iamahoneybee. Come back and leave me a comment letting me know you are a follower.

3) Follow Boston Brunchers on Twitter. Come back and leave me a comment letting me know you are a follower.

{Winner will be chosen at random on Sunday 10/2 at 8pm.}

9.23-25: Weekend Recap

Baby Shower at work | relaxing night at home | breakfast for dinner | up early for Haymarket | check engine light and a funny smell | rush to Toyota service | breakfast at a greasy spoon | O2 sensor picked up a problem | $340 later all was fixed | funny smell = plastic bag stuck to the exhaust | locked myself out of the apartment | last massage | Home Depot | at work for a few hours for fashion show work | Super 88 | banh mi & summer rolls | blogging | made a cake | apple pie trifle | pizza party at Chris’ | TMNT movies | slept in until 9 | back to Chris’ to get my purse I left there | HIMYM DVD’s | Athan’s for brunch | day of shopping | Bath & Body Works | Bass Pro Shop | Ikea | Home Depot | Sweet Meadow Farm | Price cleaned out the car | 5 loads of laundry | got luggage out of storage | simple pasta dinner | DVR’d NASCAR, football, SNL | knapkins voting spree | some packing

soo yeah a busy weekend!







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