I can’t not share

sorry for having an extra sucky blog this week. I just work… it’s a little after. So far this week I have worked just over 52 hours of work this week… and I still have 8 hours tomorrow. Thankfully this is very unusual, but this is impacted my overall sleeping, eating, dressing (I can wear yoga pants to work right?), and blogging. Thank gawd for OT.

That being said, I wanted to share these photos that I had tweeted on Saturday. I went to get new brakes early Sat morning and while waiting this woman walked in. With a dog. In a stroller.

Hmmm please make your dog stop barking. It’s 8am. Good, stuff it’s face with dog treats.

Okay, well now that you have gotten up your dog has gotten out of it’s stroller.

Ah yes, my favorite picture. Love that she is giving her dog a drink of water from the cup. Best is the reaction from the woman sitting over there.

I think she caught on to me taking photos so she moved to the side table, set up her laptop and held the dog like a baby while typing.

People never cease to amaze me.