annnnd done

I can’t tell you how glad I am that this long ass week is over. And yet, I still have a ton of stuff to come in and do on Sunday just so I am not completely swamped next week. I’m actaully looking forward to Sunday, but that’s another story.

Price has poker with friends so I am going to hang out with Emily and relax tonight. We have not hung out in a while since our schedules rarely sync. It nice to have a chance to catch up in person, joke around, and vent around random dumb shit. We are going to the mall before heading to my place. And then we are going to the Urban Grape for some wine/beer/booze since my 60 hr week deserves demands it. But then we’ll see what sort of trouble we get ourselves into.

I took this photo today while at lunch while passing a ceremony on Government Center Plaza. Beautiful.