9.23-25: Weekend Recap

Baby Shower at work | relaxing night at home | breakfast for dinner | up early for Haymarket | check engine light and a funny smell | rush to Toyota service | breakfast at a greasy spoon | O2 sensor picked up a problem | $340 later all was fixed | funny smell = plastic bag stuck to the exhaust | locked myself out of the apartment | last massage | Home Depot | at work for a few hours for fashion show work | Super 88 | banh mi & summer rolls | blogging | made a cake | apple pie trifle | pizza party at Chris’ | TMNT movies | slept in until 9 | back to Chris’ to get my purse I left there | HIMYM DVD’s | Athan’s for brunch | day of shopping | Bath & Body Works | Bass Pro Shop | Ikea | Home Depot | Sweet Meadow Farm | Price cleaned out the car | 5 loads of laundry | got luggage out of storage | simple pasta dinner | DVR’d NASCAR, football, SNL | knapkins voting spree | some packing

soo yeah a busy weekend!







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