Love Cousins- Studio Calico 10.2.11 Sunday Sketch

I loved the simplicity of this this sketch. The strips could be anything which I found really appealing. Strips of paper could help used up your scrap stash. Ribbons would be cute. Rows of embellishmens like buttons. I have so many little bit and pieces in bins and, as Price would point out, floating around everywhere so it’s a good way of using things up.

At my dad’s birthday party this summer I spent most of the time taking photos of my niece and 3 nephews. At one point Cara was laying on the floor so we had the boys lay down next to her so we could get a picture if all of them. Simply distract a 10 month old with an iPhone and you can get her to stay still long enough for a photo.

I dug through my scrap box so I could get some strips of paper to work with the sketch. I decided to use the patterns since there was not adominate color in the photo. Since there was no common color I decided to just make the randomness of the patterns to make the layout work.

I had these adorable chipboard embellishments for such a long time. I just had to get them but didn’t know what to ever do with them. I pulled them out because of the colors and I figured the animals would be a cute add on for the kiddie page. Plus it would work well with the faux bois patterned paper.