We have a friend coming to stay with us this weekend so we are in a mad dash to clean up the place. Mainly, my craft stash started to creep everywhere and after Spark all hell broke loose so I needed to spend some time pulling it all together again.

I started with ‘simply’ organizing my paper. Well, that alone is a huge chore. But it made me realize that I don’t need to so any more shopping (besides the monly Studio Calico kits I get) and that I need to scrap more to actaully use some of this stuff.

Pattterned paper, die cut paper, and textured solid carstock on the left.

Solid card stock on the right.

over 6″ of just solid 12×12 cardstock.

We’re not even gonna talk about the 8.5×11 paper I have. One could get a hernia picking up those sorters.

My name is Nicole and I have a pretty paper addiction.



PS. That’s not even all my paper. I still have patterned paper packs to add to that. And I purgedĀ justĀ under 2″ out of it as well.