Year in Review- 2011

I almost canned this post. I was 75% done with it and midnight struck on New Year’s and I was ‘late’ posting it. I was pretty close to just deleting it but I decided to keep it after a conversation with Price about all the great things we did this year. It was a rough year for me because of a lot of things happening and changing in my life but Price was there to support me. Once again he put things into perspective as we talked about the things we hope to accomplish in 2012, and all the things we did accomplish and have fun with in 2011.

I suggest you all look back on the year to either smile in reflection or just say the year sucked and move forward to 2012 to make it kick ass.


As with every January, the month started off really well because Price and I celebrated our 6th anniversary. After that all hell broke loose and I turned another year older and Jack Frost decided to shit all over the Northeast and bury us in storm after storm. It made dream of moving South.


Enjoyed Montreal for the New Year and for our 6th anniversary! Recaps: Day 1, Day 2, Day 3, Day 4

Finally tried East Coast Grill’s Hell Night with the (defunct) Mystery Meet group.

We went to the launch party of Boston Food Bloggers

I turned 26!

Saw Ian Axel perform

Dealt with a lot of snow!

Shared recipes for: Pasta with Spinach and Eggs, Maple Walnut Oatmeal Cookies, Light Cheddar Broccoli Soup, Mexicasian Tacos 

And shared some fun scrapbooking, including this favorite of mine documenting Em’s 24th birthday


This was a rough month for my personally. I think I just kept myself going by staying busy so I went to event after event whenever I had the chance. At least I got to have a fun time at them and share them with you.

Em and I went to Satan’s Kingdom! (one of the most popular posts of the year)

Went to some great events including: The First Annual Burrito Bowl, a Red Velvet themed fundraising event, a rum tasting at the Urban Grape, and a circus themed Yelp party at Towne

Attended my first Boston Brunchers event

I participated in a Valentines Craft Swap, but never got anything in return from my partner! whomp womp!

Shared recipes for: Jalapeno Popper Dip, Cheesecake Cookie Bars

I did some scrapbooking, including this layout I scrapbooked of my niece’s first Christmas



I got some Happy Mail!

I attended my first professional hockey game by seeing the Bruins play

Took a cooking class with one of my favorite chefs ever

Celebrated our friend Chris’ birthday!

Ranted about group checks and how people are rude about not covering their meals

Had Price’s fam in town for a weekend

We went to SkyZone for the 2nd time but this time we went with some friends to jump around

I did a lot of scrapbooking this month! I posted 6 layouts, including this one about going to The Cape, and the start of my 26 in 26 book

I didn’t share any recipes… the hell?!?!?


I had to accept a few tough things this month. The month started off really shitty. But you have to grow up and deal with things that you don’t always want to. Most of all you realize that you need to take care of people at times, even when you really don’t want to. Crap happens when you have things planned and you just need to deal with it.

took apart an entertainment center

I burned the crap out of my hand.

Woke up with a leak which ruined our weekend plans

Enjoyed this shopping market experience.

Watched Gone with the Wind… it was the first time for Pricer.

Had a crappy brunch

The recipes I shared during April: Oreo Chocolate Chip Cookies, Sausage Meatball Subs, an How To: Cheeseburger CakeMini Cadbury Cream Egg Brownies

Posted several scrapbooking layouts, including this one I made from Kelly Purkey’s Sketchbook 3 Day 1 sketch.



I am not one to believe in fate but there are really times when things happen for a reason. I won a month of free lunches from a food truck and by saving money on my lunches I was able to help out a friend in need. pay it forward

Enjoyed this Obama moment.

I went to CKC for the 2nd time

went back home for mother’s day

joined pinterest

I got to hold baby duckies!!

went to a burrito event

saw Ian Axel again!

Had my debit card info stolen. A-hole

got keys for our new place!!!!!!

Shared the recipe for Strawberry Mint Ice Cream


This month was crazy. Having your life in boxes makes you crazy. but in the end it was worth it. I needed the change of a new apartment. We were both so tired of living in that apartment, dealing with our landlord, and tired of the commute. As much it was terrifying to move from a comfy 2 bedroom to a 1 bedroom it was the best thing for us. 


Crazy storm!!

Saw a movie shooting At Faneiul Hall

Saw NKOTBSB!!!!!!!!!! Recap #1, Recap #2

Had dinner at Top of the Hub with Natalie and Jason

While out for Natalie and Jason’s good bye party we saw Bruins win the Stanley Cup!

Went back home for father’s day

I bought a new camera! A Nikon 3100 DSLR!!! We took it for a spin on the first day of summer!

The apartment started to take shape once I got my crafting station!

Saw Lenka in concert!

Posted the recipe for Slow Roasted Tomatoes


We started to get settled in the new place. Still a lot to tackle but it was good just to be there. Of course there was constant construction at night on the major road next to our apartment so there were a few times I wanted to lock myself in the bathroom and scream for moving, but those moments passed, as did the construction. I missed Pricer when he went back home for a week, but at least it was not like last summer with him gone for the majority of it.

Fourth of July was spent back with Pricer’s family. We had such a great time watching fireworks on the lake and enjoying time with the boys riding their bikes

Shared some pictures of the amazing flowers on our street

Had a fantastic brunch

Bought some beautiful sunflowers

Went to Brimfield for the 3rd time

Attended Techmunch!

Wen ton a tour of America’s Test Kitchen

Posted recipes for Guacamole and Mexican Style Hot Dogs

Ended the month with a weekend in Greenwich/NYC. We saw Linny from the today show and walked all over, including The Highline

After a scrappin’ dry spell I finally posted a layout about the 1st day of summer



It’s silly really but this summer took some adjusting to. We always would spend our summers on the boat and this was the first year not on the boat. Shit it was the first year in as long as I can remember that I was on my dad or step dad’s boat for weekends. Change sucks sometimes.

Held a book swap in my office, that I organized

Price and I went to a guacamole themed event. A-mazing!

A long weekend in Maine.

Price owled

Weekend back home to celebrate lots of birthdays

Recipes for the month: Waffle Ice Cream Sandwiches and Gazpacho.

Scrapbooked pictures of my niece that I took for her 7th month


I really enjoyed September because Price and I got to celebrate his birthday and go on vacation. It was a busy month since I was at work a lot trying to get ahead and then catch up from out trip but it was totally worth it. I’m proud of my project and of the fun times we had together.

Saw Sara Bareilles in concert

Made a HUGE batch of marinara sauce with 50 pounds of tomatoes

showed how to start a photo collage

Celebrated my mom’s birthday.

Crazy beautiful sunset

10th anniversary of 9-11


We went to Charlotte! Recap #1, Recap #2, Recap #3, Recap #4

Attended the first Yelp wedding

Went to a pizza party

Celebrated Price’s birthday!

Shared about myself A-Z.

Recipes included  Blueberry Lemonade, Insalata CapreseCalifornia Chicken Salad, and Steamed Mussels Dinner.

Scrapped the how we celebrated the 4th of july.



One of my dreams came true… I was able to attend Spark: The Event. I had a great time with my mom. It will be one of those vacations that I never forget. 

Went to the IIDA Boston 2011 Fashion show and we won and award!!! It was such a great time! Photos and Videos

We went apple picking

Went to Boston Brunchers’ First Birthday Bash!

I went to SPARK!!!!!!!! Recaps: Day #1, Day #2

Mom and I had a great photo shoot together.

Halloween storm. We didn’t celebrate Halloween this year but we celebrated my neice’s first birthday. busy, long, great day

Made French Vanilla Peach PieCaprese BitesPumpkin Cheesecake Bars

I made one of my favorite layout of all year. Loved making it and the end result!



I kept going and going this month because I wanted to do NaBoPoMo. I got pretty close to posting every day but near the end it was a struggle and I didn’t want to just force it because there is no fun in that. It became a struggle near the end as my project as work completed phase 1. I was so excited about it but it was a lot of work- Thanksgiving’s 4 day break could not have come fast enough.

I hosted 3 fantastic giveaways during the month! I was so happy I was able to share some great cocktail recipes and giveaways with everyone!

Went out for Date Night

‘Celebrated’ 11.11.11 at 11.11

Our rabbit Jack has S.A.D! Poor Mr. Mellow Yellow.

Pricer’s friend Cooper celebrated the Big 3-0!

I shared with you the HILARIOUS ‘Guy on a Buffalo’ videos.

We went back to see Price’s family to celebrate Tday a little early. We had a blast with his nephews!

Thanksgiving was laid back for us. We stayed at home and really enjoyed that it was so relaxing.

We went out for Black Friday! We got new tires for our car and saved a boat load of money!

This was a booze month with 2 cocktail recipes! I made Pom Vivant and Aqua de Valencia. I also shared some food! I posted Healthy Pumpkin Pie MilkshakesScallop SaladApple Pie TrifleMini Pumpkin Cheesecakes with an Oreo Cookie CrustBuffalo Chicken PizzaVegetable Enchiladas, Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Hash.

Did some scrapin’! I posted this layout about Donuts. 🙂



I was not in the Christmas Spirit this year. I could not have cared less about it. Price was such a good sport dealing with me as I wandered around stores as he did the shopping. I love him so much as he dealt with my Grinch moods. 

Stared Dec Daily but that fell flat on it’s face when I dropped my Instax camera and knocked the lifter out of alignment and ruined my film for the rest of the month. I had to resort to using regular film. Bah hum bug!

Natalie stayed with us for a week!

Saw Mr. Harry Potter himself on Broadway!

Made home made gift tags at the very last minute.

Price and I were glad we moved to Newton when we saw Giant Santa!

Christmas! It’s not Christmas without Baby Jesus in a Bubble!

I joined Improv Recipe Club and shared the recipe I created for Eggnog and Cranberry Bread Pudding!

Did lots of cooking and posted some M&M recipes: Chocolate Chocolate Mint Cookies and Cinnamon M&M Oatmeal Cookies. I also shared Fried Eggs and Bacon, Lemon Ginger MarmaladeBig Blue CocktaiShrimp Sriracha Stir Fry, and Biscoff Muddy Buddies.


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