snap another pic 366!

This will be my 3rd year doing Project 365. I have missed a few days here or there but for the most part I have snapped a daily photo. I feel good about sticking with anytime for that long since I have the attention spa…

I have been HORRIBLE about uploading them to Shuttercal, the online service that I use to keep track of all my photos. I store them in monthly photos and name them by date but the uploading part is lost on me. whoops!I’m hoping to take the time every week or so and do a batch upload so it is much more managable than doing 3 months at a time. Fingers crossed!

Here is the start of 2012:


bang bang shrimp! Saw this on Amanda’s blog and had been meaning to make this for months. I would def make these again! We are talking about making chicken tenders the same way. 


our 7 year anniversary! Pricer made us a dutch pancake using a recipe from a cookbook that Chase and Heather gave us and a iron skillet that Elaine gave us. Great start to a relaxing day!


pricer is starting p90x today. he did the fitness test and did his measurements. Looking forward to his progress and my own participation in it. 


my first Celtics game!!!!!!!!!
They played the Nets and won! Sad that Kris Humphries was not playing! ha!


first monthly date night!
I surprised Price with a basics ballroom dance class at BCAE. I was nervous but it ended up being a lot of fun!


dumplings with Em at Dumpling Cafe


Studio Calico kit! Of course I didn’t order a new glue refill and it my old one ran out. booo! Can’t wait for next month already!


our fatties! Love how Jack was laying out!


new pillows that I picked up from Crate and Barrel yesterday that I love. Love getting finishing touches for the apartment.


well yeah… I love working with STI. ha!


up way too early!!!! long day but it was worth it to start to catch up with work and go over the layout on site as issues came up.


day off! did 40 hours in 3 days. ouch! but I loved getting to sleep in until 9.30 and plan out how I will organize things for the party on Saturday.

Are you doing Project 365? Are you using Shuttercal? Or are you doing Project Life? I would love to do that one day. Share your links with me! I signed up for a class at Studio Calico that you should check out to keep you inspired.


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