1.20-22: Weekend Recap

a shitty day |  pimm’s cup | belated birthday disappointment | project life arrived early! |  mac and cheese | true blood | wake up ‘late’ to it snowing outside | P90x arms and shoulders & ab ripper | get ready quickly | Price did the driving to and from Newburyport | lunch at Loretta’s | grilled romaine salad was amazing | drinking at The Black Cow | 2 snowball cocktails | eggs and rice for dinner | true blood | up early | Price went to ON, I worked on project life | Brunch at The Landsdowne with Boston Brunchers | watch the Pats vs Raven’s game at Kurland’s | 4 loads of laundry | more project life work | GIANTS WIN!





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3 thoughts on “1.20-22: Weekend Recap

  1. amanda (@fakeginger) says:

    Sorry you had a shitty day! 😦 I hope things start looking up for you today. I can’t wait to see your Project Life! You’ve got me hooked on PL blogs even though I haven’t even ordered a kit. I want to order one but feel like it’s “too late” since January is almost over. I need to just suck it up and order it.


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