1.27-29: weekend recap

Drive to Greenwich with Em | Stopped at Rein’s New York Style Deli on the way | corned beef reuben | crashed at home | set alarm for Studio Calico release but slept through it! | slept in | food network morning marathon | shopping on Mill St in Byram | on sale Christmas finds | handmade knit, felted bag | Mexican brunch at Mary Ann’s | saw Contraband with Mom | relaxing while watching NY Ink | Indian food | pinteresting | up early | picked up goodies at The Kneaded Bread to bring over to Kris’ | hanging out with everyone over breakfast | pick up Emily to head back to MA | Sonic stop | drop Em off then head back to Newton | 2 second nap | food shopping | Tilapia for dinner | we watched DVR’d shows and the Pro Bowl while Pricer ironed | shower