2.3-5: weekend recap

Home sick from a cold work | napped several hours in the afternoon | pizza for dinner because Price was at poker | sleep in on Sat morning | Price went into work, I drove into Boston to go to the Burrito Bowl with Emily | went to work to do my timesheet | stopped off at The Urban Grape for gluten free beer, cider for me & beer for Price | grocery shopping at Star Market | rest back home | trip to Whole Foods for chicken | made stuffed chicken breasts for dinner | we watched 2 episodes of True Blood | bed early | Price made French Toast for breakfast | I went to a cheese making class at BCAE while Price went into work | ran into work to do my time sheet | back home to get the car | stop at the grocery store for brownie supplies | made oreo brownies | went to our friends house to watch the Giants beat the Pats!!!!!!!!!!





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