{Product Review} Foodler- Online Delivery Service

Let’s be honest here.

By the end of most weeks I don’t want to cook, I just want to get some beer or wine, some take out, and lounge around. I’m so burnt out from the week that the thought of making anything more than boxed mac and cheese is out of the question. Falling asleep on the sofa around 9 is not even all that unrealistic. (How is Price still with me after 7 years?!?)

So the point of all of that is how I’ve been relying on Foodler recently. Foodler is an online food delivery service that connects you to restaurant menus for quick ordering. Foodler is a national company that has a growing network in such cities as Atlanta, Baltimore, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Miami, New York, Orlando, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Washington. Plus is has a quick search for campuses so if you are a college student this would be perfect for you as well.

Once you pick your location you will see that the options are divided into several cateegories for sorting. First, Foodler sorts by what is available right now for delivery and what is not currently opened but is accepting orders for a later scheduled delivery. In addition to that you can sort by Cost, Rating, Distance, and Delivery Fee. Plus you can sort by cuisine to make your search efficient.

A cool thing about Foodler is that is keeps a record of all your orders making repeat ordering very easy. You can see what you order previously with the little green arrow next to the item.

We typically schedule our delivery since I will feel the crash around Friday mid morning so at lunch I will pick some things and then have Pricer finish the rest of the order. I love knowing that we will have delivery arriving shortly after getting home. Or you can plan ahead an order for a few days in advance or weeks.

My favorite things about Foodler is that they five out Frequent Foodler Points. These are points that you earn with each order. 3pts per dollar!

What do you do with these points? Well you can save them up to redeem them for Foodlerbucks or other great things such as Amazon gift cards.

One thing I think is lacking from the site is that it provides you sorting options for several different criteria, however estimated delivery time is not one of them. As I said before, we typically schedule our delivery so this is not a specific thing that inhibits me but I could see that this would be hard to deal with on a busy Friday night. Only when you have selected your items and are about to check out is when you get the ETA.

Also, the first time that I ordered my order arrived incorrectly. I think this was based upon how Foodler relays the order to the restaurant, based upon the print out I received with my order. We were ordering Chinese and after selecting the entree it asked us if we would like to add rice to the order. We did, so we added that option. Well no rice came because the print out that the restaurant received was just the entree, however the price was adjusted to reflect the addition of rice, which I doubt most people would notice. I did notify Foodler about this so maybe this have been update, I just have avoided bundling items since then.

Whether you are like me, so burnt out and in need of take out or having people over to watch a movie, Foodler is a great online food delivery service option. The next time you feel like ordering in give Foodler a try!

*I received a $15 Foodler credit to try the Foodler service and write a honest review. These opinions are entirely my own and are not influenced by my compensation