Wait just a minute!?!

From a Tweet to Tumblr to a blog…


I saw a link on Twitter about “What Happens in an Internet Minute” from @NPRnews, which brought me to their Tumblr site. That original artcle was from an Intel’s Inside Scoop blog. hop hop hop!!

These numbers are interesting and frightening. I can’t believe that we are this connected, but in some ways I am glad that we are. I love discovering new links. I love discovering something new. I am so glad that I have created this time suck blog. It has given me the opportunity to try new things and meet new people.

It’s a small world after all.



This is my niece Cara.

She is a Halloween baby. She will be 2 later this year. I love this age.

When we saw her this past weekend I brought with me a flower headband for her. She was a little skeptical at first but did a good job wearing it… and smelling it.



The headband was a hit as she wore it, took it off, smelled it, and then tried to put it back on herself. adorable.

hmmm I found your camera lens cap.


Obviously she has a play phone already. She can ‘call’ her friends and her boyfriend. They hold hands at daycare!

here you smell it too

Playing around with Tante Lisette (tante= aunt in dutch)

she is a ham and she knows it!

Can’t wait to see everyone again next month when I go down to see my 3 nephews playing in a community production of Beauty and the Beast. 🙂