Corgi Addict

Highlight of my day…

So there I am just standing on City Hall plaza waiting for lunch from Lobsta Love. I was freezing my butt off because I was originally just running some jobs over to the job site and didn’t grab my coat. Well, I order and turn around…

see this lovely face!! I instantly knew that I had to meet this corgi and take some pictures to send to Emily. Emily is a hardcore corgi addict. How can you blame her? These guys are just so adorable! She loves them as much as I love french bulldogs. ZOMG! their squishy faces! So irresistible! Anyway…

Well, as luck would have it his owner told me that this guy was in fact the background to Corgi Addict. Umm corgi in a lobster suit in a pot. Hell ya! It was just so serendipitous since I was waiting in line at Lobsta Love food truck. Well, this guy’s name is Edison and he likes to eat snowballs.

Edison was so adorable. I didn’t realize that I had my phone on video at first so I think he was a little confused with my holding it in face for it bit while trying to take a photo. He did not approve.

I snapped one last picture before they headed off. Such a lovely dog 🙂

Happy Friday!!

What are you up to this weekend?

We are busy with packing and finishing up misc things for our house closing on Monday(!) and meeting up with Pricer’s mom for her birthday.


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