Touring Boston’s Jewelers’ Exchange Building with Boston Brunchers

Two weeks ago I had the privilege of going on a tour of the Jewelers’ Exchange Building in Boston. Boston Brunchers organized the tour that put us face to face with some ah-mazing gems, sparklers, and baubles.


While we were gathering for an introduction from several of of the owners of the stores we would see on the tour, we were treated to some fantastic drinks and appetizers from Scholar’s. Scholar’s is a restaurant on School St, hense the school themed cocktail menu, (the Dead Poet is my favorite) that serves up fantastic food. It is about 100 steps from my office so there are have plenty of times I’ve ordered lunch or dinner from there. I was eager to try some of the appetizers so I was excited to see they brought their vegetable spring rolls and a bite sized version of their tuna tar tar as well as prosciutto wrapped asparagus and Scholars Rockefellar. The tuna tar tar and their lobster roll salad bites were my favorite. Easy to eat and the simple quality ingredients were lightly dressed showcasing the fresh seafood off.



The first store that we visited had the loveliest gentleman who showed us his store and manufacturing area. A team of 6 employees work to create custom jewelry including rings using a process of CAD drawings, molds and ends with a ring that you can treasure.


Did you know that some watches cost more than cars? Well if high end collectible watches  are your thing then go to Paul Duggan and he will pair you with the perfect watch for you.

We visited a wholesale semi precious stone vendor that pulled out trays and trays of various stones for us to ogle at. The one that really caught everyone’s attention was the moonstone. It is such a pretty stone and its luminescence is quite brilliant.




Do you have a special event to attend like a wedding and would love to wear something new but can’t splurge on a $20,000 necklace? Well you can rent it!! Visit Forever Diamond on the 5th floor to rent or purchase a variety of jewelry at all different prices.




At our last stop the owner pulled out a ring that he was about to finish setting. He explained to us the process of setting a ring, including the time it takes for the different settings on a ring. A ring like the one he was showing us would take about 6-8 hours. Wow!

The ring featured at the top was my hands down favorite ring of the night. I typically steer far far away from yellow gold as it looks dated to me but this brushed gold ring was such an beauty. The jeweler explained that all the diamonds were really hard to install smoothly in the concave settings. No matter what it the coolest ring from the night. Perfect right hand ring… time to start saving!!

I had assumed that the Jewelers’ Exchange Building was wholesale only so I never ventured in but in reality it is a great place to go to for jewelry repair, rentals, and shopping. And don’t think that they just sell engagement and wedding rings, as you can get anything from pearls to charm bracelets to watches. It is best to go there with a piece of jewelry and budget in mind so you can quickly find the best seller and therefore the piece that you want but no matter what you should have fun getting a little sparkle!!

Jewelers’ Exchange Building

333 Washington St

Boston, MA 02108


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2 Responses to Touring Boston’s Jewelers’ Exchange Building with Boston Brunchers

  1. I’m going to assume that BF ran away screaming from this event? *kicks him*


  2. Sasha says:

    Too bad I missed this on my last trip to Boston.


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