12.14-16: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} order Chinese take out | Price gets home | news | food 25 minutes late | It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia & Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer | fell asleep at 9pm | Price watched The Hangover II | went to bed at 11.30

{Saturday} up at 7am | Target | Ikea | go to work to do my time sheet | Haymarket | leftovers | put pictures in frames | Chelsea Winter Fest | Price took a nap | dishes | draft blog posts | watched The Hangover  II | shower | bed

{Sunday} up by 8am | Price went to the grocery store | clean kitchen | make breakfast sandwiches | watch Sunday Morning, read the paper, watch the news | go to work & shopping at LOFT | go to Chris’ house | grocery store | make dinner together | watch dvr’d SNL | dishes | watch Newtown service | make eggnog | play with rabbits | bed


does this church make me look fat book

Loft homemade eggnog


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