For Sandy Hook

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve cried related to seeing/hearing/reading the news about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. I have watched endless hours of news, listened to what different pundits, psychologists, and officials comment on the situation, and read articles about the victims or blog posts about other’s feelings regarding the shooting.

The whole situation breaks my heart. From a troubled young man. To all the victims at the school. And, of course, to their families that have to pick of the pieces without them in their lives.

I hate to think that anyone could purposefully target kids in this way. They are bright and beautiful. They have wonderful imaginations and filled with hope.  They are our future.

This has sparked a lot of conversations regarding gun control and mental illness health services. I have a lot of strong feelings about both topics. I am frustrated that people have these high-powered guns for no real use. I am sad that there are so many people that don’t get the help they need either by seeking it out or by our health care system does not easily facilitate getting the care they need.

We can be paralyzed by acts like these that shake us to our core because we can’t wrap our heads around situations like this. Or we take action to prevent shootings like this from happening in the future through a variety of things.

I plan on taking the latter approach and finding out how I can voice my opinions to make change. I hope that we can come together to spark change to create a much safer environment for us all. So while a lot of bloggers have taken today off as a day of silent reflection, which I honor, I am using this day as a way to vow that I will become involved in the process to get change.


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