Sunrise in Boston

got up super early & got onto my job site early to catch a stunning sunrise. well i went there for layout approval but got there in time to see this. totally worth getting up early

this has been a rough work week. everything that could go wrong went wrong for me. it happens. as much as i hate working on the weekends i’ll be in both day and it will give me plenty of overtime. at least that will help me get ahead and will allow me to bank hours for when i take some time off for when we get the puppy.

we can pick up the puppy on saturdya the 2nd. i am so super excited. i can’t want to snuggle with the little guy and smoosh my face into his to take in his adorable puppy breath.

looking forward to a relaxing night tonight in with take out and wine while watching hook with emily and price. we discovered price has never seen hook so we are watching it.wha?? bangarang!!


have a great weekend you nearsighted gynecologist.



One thought on “bangarang!!

  1. Aunt Tish says:

    Beautiful sunrise. We get the beautiful sunsets in FL. Hope you have a great weekend even though you have to work. You need to make sure you post pics of Kemper.
    Love You!


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