3.1-3: Weekend Recap

{Friday night} get home | wine and Domino’s delivery | watch TV | puppy cuddles | went to bed early

{Saturday} 3.30am price is up stupid early | try to sleep | up early before 6 | coffee | sunrise at the beach | pick up stuff at my office | home | price did laundry | gave kemper a bath | blog post | price napped while I edited photos | order prints at Walgreen | price got an oil change for Frank | pack over night bag | pick up photos | get beer | sonic | NH to visit Catherine and Ed | tacos for dinner and trivia games | bed

{Sunday} 6.15am up | coffees and hang around | breakfast at the diner | hang around | pack up the car | leave NH at 12.30 | petsmart | grocery store | unpack the car | work on Project Life | watch DVR’d SNL | NASCAR and nap | make dinner | blogging | dishes | bed

wine and dominos dinner

kemper snuggles_01 kemper sleeping

kemper under sofa kemper snuggles

kemper at the beach Kemper in the bath

Kemper and Catherine  kemper pup

price and kemper in snow_02 price and kemper in snow_01

kemper outside on snowy rocks kemper outside

kemper_Boston Terrier in snow


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