Stitch Fix- April (1)

So another month, another Stitch Fix order!!!

This month my package arrived on Monday, but arrived to my desk on Tuesday after it was sorted in our office building to get to our offices. Anyway, happy clap when I got into work and saw it waiting for me. 🙂

I immediately went through this month’s package to take a peak at everything. Some of my first impressions were correct and others were off. Either way, fun to get a surprise every month and discover something new for yourself.

Here are my reviews for each item:

Stitch Fix_April_1- Skinny Jeans

Coral color skinny jeans- $88

Loved the color, but I didn’t like that they were skinny jeans and their price. I’m too damn short and curvy for skinny jeans that are that skinny. Plus I can get a pair of Loft Curvy Skinny’s for much less.

Stitch Fix_April_1- Necklace

Long gold necklace- $33

I kept this because I liked the length, texture, and design. I liked that it was fairly simple and affordable for a necklace. I’ve already worn it 4 times. win

Stitch Fix_April_1- Navy Blouse

Navy tie front blouse- $65

Oh, a blouse. Oh, a blouse that doesn’t fit. Big surprise. Stupid boobs.  The top fit in my waist and arms but not where the melons reside. I loved the material and the color. Shame it was a blouse.

Stitch Fix_April_1- Sheer Top

Sheer Contrast Collar Top- $65

So I put this on and fell in love with it. Loved the fit and style and really liked the collar detail. I wanted to keep this so badly. But when I wore it down and Price stared at me. I couldn’t pull off a SHEER top to work. I even tried by putting a tank under it but it looked awful that way too. Had this top been white but not sheer I would have considered keeping it a lot more, although white makes this spill proned klutz very nervous. I was thinking about it and if this was the navy like the blouse (above) I would have kept it without a second though. Too bad.

Stitch Fix_April_1- Sweater

Striped Sweater- $75

Loved the texture, weight, and cut of the sweater. Not sold on stripes, esp in those colors but I did like it. And then, I put it on and showed Pricer and I got a “hmm, not my favorite.” Well I’m not gonna spend $75 on something that neither of us are 100% on.


I sent back the 4 items I wasn’t keeping and I gave feedback for each item, similar to what I did above, as well as some overall statements. I requested…

  • not to get any more button down blouses as they don’t fit me in the bust but fit me in the waist and arms. I would rather not have to go up a size and deal with other areas that don’t fit well just to make a blouse work. 
  • more dresses. loved the dress from my first fix and I love to wear dresses in spring summer so i’m hoping to see them more in my stitch fixes.
  • more accessories. i’m hoping to get some fun rings, necklaces, and earrings.
  • flowy things. I loved how flowy the contrast collar top was so I’d love more things similar to that.
  • open front sweaters. not cardis with buttons (similar situation to blouses), but open sweaters like this and this

I would have had pictures of everything on me this time but I just didn’t have time like before to try everything on at once and take pictures. I barely even had time to take this pictures- such a crazy week. I promise to have the try on pictures next time.  Since I only kept the necklace I requested to get my next box earlier so I will get another Stitch Fix package in April.

So if this sounds like a fun way to try on some clothes then sign up, fill out some surveys, and then you are on your way to scheduling your first Stitch Fix box right to your door. My referral code is 3059041. Pretty, pretty please use it if you sign up. Thanks :-)

Have fun!


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