8.2-4: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night} Price got drinks w co-workers | worked late | Home Depot for rose bush & other home stuff | mac and cheese for dinner | relax | bed

{Saturday} up early | cereal for breakfast | work to reorganize the basement for several hours | laundry | make cupcakes | get ready | Kaylie’s Birthday Party | relax and watch DVR’d shows | fall asleep on the the sofa | bed

{Sunday} Price got up at 5 and sprayed the weeds | breakfast | Price took a nap |  Target | get ready | beach date day @ Revere Beach | lunch and a shared shake from Twist and Shake | home | NASCAR race | I took a nap | Price went to the grocery store | dinner: bacon egg and cheese sandwiches w side salad and soup | shower | laundry & folding clothes | watch The Newsroom | bed

making frosting

 birthday party_01 birthday party_02

birthday party_03


my dresser price's dresser

bedroom towards windows


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