Total system failure

So every friday I have a Sprint Cup Snacks post to share. I had an awesome pulled pork recipe to share with you today but unfortunately that didn’t work out like planned.

Instead, I’m sitting here at work trying not to have an epic meltdown under my desk.


Well on Sunday morning we lost power at home. Umm so what? Deal with it and reset your oven clock. Move on.

Well, because nothing is simple for me these days, my computer turned off AND wouldn’t turn on again. Nope, it has decided to up and quit. I’d like to just up and quit like that. But, guess what computer… I fucking can’t.

But no worries! I have a lovely laptop to use at home, as well at this amazing computer at work. So, let’s figure this shit out and get the files off the harddrive and on an external so life can go on. Simple?


I bring my hard drive into work because our IT guy here, who just so happens to makes THE BEST granola in the history of ever, thinks it will be simple and he can do it quickly. Well, he plugs it in and goes to extract the files for me and NADA.

That’s it… NOTHING is on the hard drive.

I’m serious folks. So, I’m sitting here kicking myself for not baking up, like ever. I think my last back up was early this spring because I’m a fucking moron. << people don’t be like me!!

As my mind races through everything I’ve lost I struggle not to have the meltdown of the century. I’m really only concerned about pictures as 1) I blog 2) I scrapbook 3) I freaking love pictures. So I’m trying not to dwell on the fact that I’ve lost ALL of the pictures I’ve taken of Kemper since getting him in February, lots of vacation and birthday pics, ALT NYC pictures, all our bump pictures, pics taken on my iphone, and the thousands of blog pics I’ve taken.

Because really they are just pictures and not something really major but still I’m not happy right now.

I’m hoping that some magic can be done to restore it so I can back them up and be happy again.

Until then I’m sulky.


2 thoughts on “Total system failure

  1. Jess @ Flying on Jess Fuel says:

    Ohhh noooooo!!!! Hoping you get everything back! I definitely hit “ignore” the other night when my computer politely informed me it had not been backed up in 192 days…. ugh, why are we so dumb? I think I’ll go home and do that now…. good luck!


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