Life with a Baby- Baby Favorites @ 4 months

Ooo under the wire with this post! Autumn turns 5 months old on Friday (sob!) How is she that old already?!?!

I think this past month is the month when I’ve recongized the most change in her. She is still so very happy but now she is getting much better at expressing full on excitement by flexing her whole body to get into it. So fun to see. Before she was content to put her hands in her mouth and hang out sucking/chewing on them, but now she loves to put whatever she can get her hangs on in her mouth. She really likes blankets, her clothes, and some soft toys. As well, she is reaching for things more and more when she didn’t put too much effort into trying to get something out of arms reach. And in the last week she has discovered her feet, which of course, have to be in her mouth as well. Plus, she is getting a bit closer to being able to sit up.  She is doing well hanging out in the Boppy but I think she will be able to graduate to just sit up without help in the next 4-6 weeks. Exciting!

Here are some things that Price, Autumn, and I are currently crushing on…

Baby Favorites @ 4 months


Stork Craft Custom Tuscany Glider and Ottoman

My sister had originally suggested for us to get a glider way back when I was pregnant but we thought “Oh, we’ll sit on the bed!” or “Oh, we’ll sit on the sofa together!’ Mainly, we poo poo’ed the idea of a glider because we didn’t have room for it in our room or her room. Well fast forward to day 5 of her being home and we were ordering a glider with expedited shipping. My back was wrecked from trying to nurse her on the bed without good back support and there was too much going on (dog) to sit on the sofa to comfortably enjoy the teeny tiny bean in my arms.

Since its arrival the glider has become one of our favorite things for Autumn. Sure, our room is jammed full of baby stuffs at this point but the glider is so worth it. So worth it!

The glider has become a big part of establishing a bedtime routine. We take Autumn upstairs so we can read some books or sing some songs to her while almost continually patting we back until she is almost asleep (she loves it). On the nights when I am exhausted (most of them), I doze off for a few with her in my arms, which makes me really glad there is the foot rest that I use to prop my knees up which she leans against since I have the biggest fear of falling asleep, loosening my grip & having her fall on the hardwoods. Eeek!


We’ve always read books to Autumn but she’s been enjoying it more and more lately. Or at least that is the impression I get. Let’s go with that.

We’ve been reading Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny, Guess How Much I Love You, and plenty of really simple Spot books, like Spot’s Opposites. These board books hang out in the pockets of the glider so they are always close by for us to grab.

sleep sack

Carter’s Micro Fleece Sleep Bag or Sack (0-9 Months)

The hip brace she had to wear from mid January – end of March prevented her from using sleep sacks during that time but we have been using them more and more now. The are comfy cozy and allow her to stretch out while still be contained a bit.

SwaddleMe® Cotton Large 2-Pack (Lavender Owl)

Summer Infant SwaddleMe Adjustable Infant Wrap

For a period of time we stopped swaddling her because she kept breaking out. So we went from both arms in to 1 arm in to both arms and then… she started to sleep horribly (up every 2 hours!!) So we went back to swaddled with the SwaddleMe’s we received. Because of the sleep sacks and because we don’t want to reverse the work the hip brace did we only use the top portion of the SwaddleMe’s to contain her arms.


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I’ll do a favorites post every month/stage as Autumn grows, changes, and develops.

What are some of your favorite things for 4 month olds?


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