Life with a Baby- Baby Favorites @ 5 months

Here we go again!

How is my little girl going to be 6 months old next week??!?!

The time flies when you are having fun. Or is it that the time flies when you aren’t sleeping? Either way, every day with her is amazing and we love her to death. She is cuddly and just so cheerful. Her smile is contagious. She is a happy baby, except when getting dressed and when she can’t get the food she is trying to devour into her mouth. Such a foodie!!

Here are some things that we’re currently crushing on…

Baby Favorites @ 5 months


Vulli Sophie the Giraffe Teether

Autumn has been gnawing on Sophie for awhile now and just loves her. The legs and neck are easy for her to get her hands around. Plus it’s just cute as hell.

Sophie squeaks when squeezed, so of course this drives the dog bonkers as it basically is the most expensive dog toy he can’t actually have.

infant tub side drain

4moms Infant Tub

We picked this tub out specifically for the fact that Autumn was having abdominal surgery. She would have an incision at where her belly button would have been so we wanted to make sure that her first baths were actually cleaning her. There are multiple drains that allow you to circulate the the dirty water out as you keep your facet flowing allowing clean water in. Plus, besides the tub portion where the baby sits, there is a clean water reservoir so that it makes bath time easier since we have soap free water right at hand to wash her off with after we suds her up.  As well, there is a built in water temperature sensor that helps you know what is comfortable for your babe. There is no guess work involved.

4moms Spout Cover

This spout is really best for when your baby outgrows the infant tub, but some nights we don’t use the infant tub as when I need to wear her out. I fill up the tub with water and I keep my hand under her head and upper back allowing her to ‘float’ around. She loves it as she can flap her arms and kick around like crazy. I suggest the spout cover for your tub so there is no guesswork involved in having the right water temperature for your babe. Plus, when your babe is actually big enough for sitting in your bath tub it helps protect their head and body from the metal tub spout.

OXO Roll Up Bib

Autumn has just started to eat solids so this bib is major in our house right now. We’re doing the ‘Baby Led Weaning’ method of feeding her. This means that we give her pieces of soft foods that she can easily handle so that she can explore it and feed it to herself. Sometimes she needs help with slippery things but I don’t force the foods onto her. But basically the process of her feeding herself means she is a huge mess as she squishes it on her face as she aims for her mouth and as she drops food all over.


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I’ll do a favorites post every month/stage as Autumn grows, changes, and develops.

What are some of your favorite things for 5 month olds?


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