5.16-18: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

made homemade pizza for dinner | hang up mobilein Autumn’s room | watch season finale of Grimm | laundry & cleaning | bed

140519_weekend recap_01


Price made breakast- eggs, hashbrowns, bacon | Boch Toyota to lease our new car | home to pump | lunch at Not Your Average Joe’s | watched the Belmont Steaks |

140519_weekend recap_02 140519_weekend recap_03

140519_weekend recap_04

140519_weekend recap_05

140519_weekend recap_06 140519_weekend recap_07

140519_weekend recap_08


Price made breakfast- cresents with jam | took nap with Autumn | Price cleaned the kitchen | shopping at Market Street in Lynnfield | Wagamama for lunch | Price went to Home Depot | pizza for dinner | gave Autumn a bath | Price gave Kemper a bath | work, blogging | made chicken taco filling for dinners this week | Mad Men | bed

140519_weekend recap_09

140519_weekend recap_10 140519_weekend recap_11

140519_weekend recap_12

140519_weekend recap_13


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