6.5-9: Florida Weekend Recap

{Thursday Night}

home to get Autumn from daycare | dinner | go grocery shopping | finish packing | bed


wake up early | Price dropped us off at the airport | Autumn’s first flight! | arrive in Orlando | rent car- get upgrade! | pump at rest stop |  drive to Mom’s house | Autumn meet’s Nanny | get settled | dinner at Anne and Tom’s | back to Mom’s house | bed


breakfast sandwiches at Athen’s of NY | hang around | sick | go to the pool | nap with Autumn | sicker | kinda eat oatmeal | bed early | mom woke me up to pump | bed


up early | hang around and watch news | get ready | go to church | brunch at Bonefish Grill- bad eggs benedict | hang around | nap with Autumn | dinner- chicken, baked potatoes, salad | huge Thurderstorm | watch the Tony’s | start to pack again | bed


up early | breakfast | finish packing | go to the airport with mom | drop off car | say bye to mom | pumping drama | flight home | cab home | pizza take out for dinner | relax | bed


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