6.27-29: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

 home | pump| get Autumn from daycare | grocery shopping | feed Autumn dinner | Chris arrives after 7 | Taco’s for dinner | hang out | bed

140630_weekened recap_01 140630_weekened recap_02

140630_weekened recap_03

140630_weekened recap_04


up early | bacon egg and cheese sandwiches | the guys took Kemper to Breakheart for the dog park & a 4 mile walk | Target for a fitbit & random stuffs | get Frank inspected | Target for new Nikon 5200 camera | make burgers for dinner | Price and Chris went to the batting cages | NASCAR | bed

140630_weekened recap_05 140630_weekened recap_06

140630_weekened recap_07

140630_weekened recap_08 140630_weekened recap_09

140630_weekened recap_10


up early, lounge around in bed (8ish)| Taco Bell take out for breakfast | Autumn’s last swim class | price went back home | shopping at Anthro @ Chestnut Hill | moms’ group brunch at Brio | Chris left | work from home | Autumn get’s a bath, read books, down for bed | lots of work | bed

140630_weekened recap_11 140630_weekened recap_12

140630_weekened recap_13 140630_weekened recap_14

140630_weekened recap_15 140630_weekened recap_16

140630_weekened recap_17

140630_weekened recap_18


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