7.3-7: Weekend Recap

{Thursday Night}

get home then get Autumn | shopping at Old Navy | dinner: take out Spicy Chicken Sandwiches | Price packed bins for storage | pack for the weekend | take Kemper on 2.5 mile walk | stupid fireworks | finish packing | bed

140708_weekend recap_01

140708_weekend recap_02 140708_weekend recap_03


get up super early @4.20am | pump and get ready | get Autumn up and fed | load up the car | McDonald’s breakfast | road trippin’! | Starbucks | more driving | arrive | Autumn eats lunch | Doug’s Fish Fry take out | Tom aka G-pop meets Autumn | errands | back to Teasel Ln | get dinner at Tops:  rotisserie chicken and salad kit | walk from Highland to Teasel Lane House | go to CVS & get a sundae from Doug’s | blogging | watch the NASCAR Nationwide race | cuddles with Autumn | pump | blogging | bed

140708_weekend recap_04 140708_weekend recap_05

140708_weekend recap_06 140708_weekend recap_07

140708_weekend recap_08

140708_weekend recap_09 140708_weekend recap_10

140708_weekend recap_11

140708_weekend recap_12 140708_weekend recap_13

140708_weekend recap_14 140708_weekend recap_15


sleep in! | walk to Skaneateles Bakery | hang out and relax | someone hit Indy | lunch at The Glenhaven at the bottom of the lake | drop Tom back to Highland House | go to Teasel Lane House | blogging | Valentine’s Pizza for dinner | go for a walk & shopping | watch NASCAR coverage- rained out | bed

140708_weekend recap_16

140708_weekend recap_17

140708_weekend recap_18 140708_weekend recap_19

140708_weekend recap_20


up at 5am | breakfast with Tom at Hilltop Diner | drop off Tom | back to Teasel Lane House to pack up our stuff | go for a walk to the elementary school | playing around with Kemper | Autumn naps | blogging | go to Highland Street House | unpack, get set up | grilled hot dogs for lunch | walk to Mark and Allie’s house to hang out | dinner with Chase, Heather, & fam | back to Highland | go for a walk | Autumn fight sleep | bed

140708_weekend recap_21

140708_weekend recap_22 140708_weekend recap_23

140708_weekend recap_24 140708_weekend recap_25

140708_weekend recap_26 140708_weekend recap_27


up early | breakfast at Willow Glen Diner | back to pack up | Price & Tom to the UPS store and grocery store | Kemper sick- throwing up | Autumn sick | Autumn gets a bath | finish packing | leave for home | Price clean up car | keep driving | Mcdonald’s lunch | keep on driving | home | unpack the car | storms | dinner | laundry & dishes | take Kemper on a 40 minute walk | showers | bed

140708_weekend recap_28 140708_weekend recap_29 140708_weekend recap_30

140708_weekend recap_31 140708_weekend recap_32

140708_weekend recap_33



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