Life with a Baby: Baby Favorites @ 7 months

Oh what a month!

Autumn is getting closer to getting on the move, or at least that is what she so desperately wants so she has been getting quite frustrated when she can’t reach something. Instead of being held she wings her body down to the floor so we always need to be on high alert that we have a good grip on her. Once seated on the floor she does amazingly well at sitting on her own. We still put pillows all around as she’ll randomly fall over and those cries are the worst after you hear that thud.

Oh, and teething is the worst!! But we’re totally enjoying her big grins with her 2 bottom front teeth peaking through her gums. At least they def help her chow down!

Baby Favorites @ 7 months

Activity Cube

When we were staying at Price’s brother’s house over the 4th of July weekend, Autumn played with their activity cube that they had for their kids. She really liked how there were all different toys right at her level. She liked the gears, the rotating disks, spinning things, and the colors. She liked it so much they just gave it to her. So now I’m sure she will be standing up and holding on to it in no time! Ahh!!

Activity Walker

In addition to the activity cube that we got as an awesome hand-me-down, we got a walker. Autumn lights up when she is moving around as she can’t yet do it on her own. However, she equally gets frustrated that she sometimes ends up moving the wrong direction so there is some yelling at times. But I think it all equals out.

Baby Jogger City Select Stroller

Okay, so I am going to do a seperate post (on of these day’s…) about this stroller but until then, just trust me when I say that it is really, really awesome. We have been walking all over with Autumn in this stroller. It was great to use with the carseat but now the peanut is actually big enough for the stroller seat, which has a better sunshade than the carseat, which works out well with the summer sun. We’ve hoofed a lot of miles with this stroller and I love it so much because it’s lightweight, easy to open/close, and is great on the cobblestones, sidewalks, and unpaved park paths we visit.

Motrin Infants’ Drops

Infant Motrin… how we love thee!

Teething is rough man. ‘We’ toughed it out for a while with some teething rings and orajel but the thing that really makes things bearable is the Infant Motrin. Autumn got 2 teeth back to back in June and now all signs point to her getting another tooth as she sleeping is sucky, she is extra cranky, and eating solids is taking a long time again (assuming it hurts more to eat those yummy baked sweet potato fries I make!). But she def mellows out when we give her a dose of Motrin as it is helps with “relieves minor aches and pains due to the common cold, flu, sore throat, headaches and toothaches.”


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I’ll do a favorites post every month/stage as Autumn grows, changes, and develops.

What are some of your favorite things for 7 month olds?


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