7.18-20: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

 Price got Autumn from daycare | I hosted the Bookswap Buzz | meet at Mr. Sushi in Brookline | home | Autumn goes to bed (late) | fell asleep on the sofa | Price finished watching Gravity | bed (9,423 steps)


up early | went on a long walk | post office | Salvation Army| Katz’s bagels for lunch | tag sale: get toys for Autumn | Price did yard work | eat at home | spray paint basket | Price mowed & did yard work | Nationwide NASCAR | bed (18,705 steps- most yet!)


up early | Price and Kemper go on a run/walk along the Charles | walk to Katz’s for a bagel | walk to Market Basket- no produce because of a protest | home | cleaning | Price gets ready | Price and Autumn go to New Hampshire to visit Catherine, Ed, and Tom | cleaning up around the house | get showered and ready | brunch at Boston Chops with Boston Brunchers | Pesmart | Stop and Shop | work at home | take Kemper on a walk | Price gets home | watched Naked and Afriad | bed (15,209 steps)



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