8.1-3: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

big salad with chicken for dinner | lots and lots of cleaning- first and 2nd floor purge to basement | Triple D | bed

140804_weekend recap-1


up early | make a big batch of blueberry and strawberry pancakes | lots of cleaning around the house | attend MommyCon! | Price napped |Taco Bell for lunch | kitchen clean up | Price assembled the patio table | I napped when Autumn napped | endless cleaning- bathroom, bedroom, vacuuming first floor | Salad and Mac & Cheese for a late dinner| grocery shopping| bed

140804_weekend recap-2 140804_weekend recap-3

140804_weekend recap-4

140804_weekend recap-5 140804_weekend recap-6

140804_weekend recap-7


make bacon, egg, and cheese sandwiches | dinner prep: cut up veggies for grilled veggies, make macaroni salad, start trifle | walked to Mary O’Malley Park with Autumn, then to Market Basket, home | Price mowed | chicken with satay peanut sauce for lunch | house clean up | Price got drinks| Price made turkey burgers | Pocono race | showers | made Peach Pie Trifle | pick up Megan and Sarah | dinner with Olena | Price manned the grill | everyone left at 10.30pm | pump | bed

140804_weekend recap-8

140804_weekend recap-9 140804_weekend recap-10

140804_weekend recap-11


2 thoughts on “8.1-3: Weekend Recap

    • iamahoneybee says:

      I’m really interested in essential oils so i’m just starting to read up on them. I bought a kit to see how things go. I’ll def keep you posted.


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