Life with a Baby: Baby Favorites @ 8 months

Can someone please explain to Autumn what ‘inside voices’ are in a way that she will understand? Please.

Our dearest little Autumn is a loud mouth. And she is a yeller and shreaker. For example, if she is really happy she yells and shreaks, but she does the same when she is mad. So that just means that there is a lot of noise all the time. Except, when we are outside. Wanna shut her up? Go outside! It’s like a magic trick. Walk out of the threshold and zip, quiet. That is part of the reason why I’ll take her out on 3 1/2 mile walks on the weekends quite exercise time.

So of the things that bring on the shreaks of joy are…

Baby Favorites @ 8 months

Follow Me Fred

I picked this pup up at a tag sale for $5. Such a deal since she loves him so much. He bark, plays music, and moves around. The best part is that he moves around with just a light touch so she can operate him herself. A plus for us, there are different settings, including a ‘mute’ one that allows for him to move around but without the noise. A definite win for us.

LeapFrog Learn & Groove Musical Table

As Autumn is not yet standing on her own we took off the legs so it can just sit on the floor with her. More often than not it is on our bed and she bangs away at it while we are getting ready in the morning. There are 2 modes, which is controlled by the book in the center. Autumn likes the mode that sings ABC’s to her. The alphabet song is her favorite thing to calm her down and excite her. I’ve lost track at the number of times I’ve sung it or the number of times she has spun that toy to hear it sung to her. It’s kinda driving Price lately so he flips the book to the different mode and when music plays Autumn gets annoyed and flips it back to hear her ABC’s.

ciao! baby Portable Highchair

Price’s mom gave us this chair so that we could easily feed Autumn while traveling. We used it when we went camping and when we went to Maine this summer. It has also worked well in our backyard. It’s easy to clean, set up, and use. The highchair is light and has a bag so it’s easy to toss in your car and take on the go.

140811_weekend recap-24


Kiddie Pool

Since Autumn loves to be outside so much this kiddie pool is getting great use this summer. It’s like tubby time but better. I’d love to get to the beach with her but there is so much to plan, pack, and carry. But this kiddie pool allows for her to be in the water without all the sand involved.


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I’ll do a favorites post every month/stage as Autumn grows, changes, and develops.

What are some of your favorite things for 8 month olds?


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