8.22-24: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get Autumn from daycare | Autumn has dinner | finish packing quickly | leave for the weekend | McDonald’s on the road | arrive in Greenwich! | hang out & get settled | birthday cake for Keagan & Dad |  go to bed

140825_weekend recap_01 140825_weekend recap_02


up early | bacon egg and cheese sandwiches from the Firehouse Deli | Tiny Tots Kids Consignment Sale | consignment shopping | farmer’s market | pick up dad | Carvel | lunch and party at Mama’s | back to Kris’ | date night out! dinner | back to Kris’ | Autumn to bed | NASCAR | pump | bed

140825_weekend recap_03 140825_weekend recap_04

140825_weekend recap_05 140825_weekend recap_06

140825_weekend recap_07 140825_weekend recap_08

140825_weekend recap_09

140825_weekend recap_10 140825_weekend recap_11

140825_weekend recap_12


breakfast | pack up the car | Dad, TJ, Cara come over | leave for home | stop for lunch at Sonic | home | Autumn plays in the pool | dinner time | bed time | showers | relax | clean up | pack for Miami trip | bed

140825_weekend recap_13 140825_weekend recap_14

140825_weekend recap_15140825_weekend recap_16

140825_weekend recap_17 140825_weekend recap_18

140825_weekend recap_19 140825_weekend recap_20


One thought on “8.22-24: Weekend Recap

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