8.28-9.1: Labor Day Weekend Recap

{Thursday Night}

pick Autumn up early from day care- sick! | tidy up at home | pick mom up at airport | get wine and beer | home | price home | Chinese take out | Autumn to bed | hang out | bed

140902_weekend recap_01 140902_weekend recap_02 140902_weekend recap_03


up early | Autumn stay home from daycare, no work | breakfast | random morning stuffs- cleaning, dishes, pumping, etc | pack up milk to donate | drop off milk at Mother’s Milk Bank Northeast | AC Moore | lunch at John Harvard’s | Barnes and Noble | Petco |  back home | afternoon hang out and naps | Price gets home |  dinner: chicken with cous cous and peas | hang out | dessert | bed

140902_weekend recap_04 140902_weekend recap_05

140902_weekend recap_06 140902_weekend recap_07

140902_weekend recap_08


wake up early | made breakfast | Starbucks | St Anthony’s Feast for lunch | play in the fountain get fruit and veggies at Haymarket | Price did yard work, mowing, cleaning, laurndry, etc | back home | work on Autumn’s room | dinner: steak, grilled veggies, corn with Sangria | hang out and watch TV | bed

140902_weekend recap_09

140902_weekend recap_10

140902_weekend recap_11 140902_weekend recap_12

140902_weekend recap_13 140902_weekend recap_14

140902_weekend recap_15 140902_weekend recap_16

140902_weekend recap_17 140902_weekend recap_18

140902_weekend recap_19 140902_weekend recap_20

140902_weekend recap_21

140902_weekend recap_22 140902_weekend recap_23

140902_weekend recap_24

140902_weekend recap_25

140902_weekend recap_27


up early | brunch at Highland Kitchen | get nails done with mom | fire | lunch of a mix up of leftovers | cleaning and random stuff around the house | dinner: burgers, grilled veggies, corn | put Autumn to bed |  kitchen clean up |blogging |  watch TV | bed

140902_weekend recap_28

140902_weekend recap_29

140902_weekend recap_30

140902_weekend recap_31 140902_weekend recap_32

140902_weekend recap_33 140902_weekend recap_34

140902_weekend recap_35


AUTUMN SLEPT THROUGH THE NIGHT! 8pm-5.15am | up early | make pancakes for breakfast | Price gets up | mom gets up | morning hang out | Autumn played in her pool | lunch | more pool play time | take family pictures | feed Autumn | give Autumn a bath | go to grovery store | dinner: burgers, store bought salads | birthday cake | NASCAR | hang out |  bed

140902_weekend recap_36

140902_weekend recap_37 140902_weekend recap_38

140902_weekend recap_39 140902_weekend recap_40

140902_weekend recap_41

140902_weekend recap_42 140902_weekend recap_43

140902_weekend recap_44

140902_weekend recap_45 140902_weekend recap_46


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