9.12-14: Weekend Recap

{Friday night}

get home from work | Price got Autumn from daycare | talk to my sister | Price made cheeseburgers | Autumn ate dinner | Autumn to bed | Price brushed Bunny | watch DVR’d shows | fold laundry | watch DDD | bed


140915_weekendrecap_02 140915_weekendrecap_03



up 6.15am | Autumn’s breakfast & english muffins | go to Haymarket for veggies | dog park & met up with Fin | Flour for breakfast | Autumn had lunch | Price gave Autumn a bath | Shepard’s Pie for lunch | reload dishwasher | 2+ hour nap for all of us | went to work to get my work laptop | Petsmart for a new harness | pigs in a blanket & TJ’s pizza for dinner | watch DDD & football | work | bed

140915_weekendrecap_05 140915_weekendrecap_06

140915_weekendrecap_07 140915_weekendrecap_08

140915_weekendrecap_09 140915_weekendrecap_10

140915_weekendrecap_11 140915_weekendrecap_12



140915_weekendrecap_15 140915_weekendrecap_16





Autumn up at 4am | back to bed 6-7am | make pancakes | make donut muffins | Autumn naps | get hair cut | grocery shopping | get beer for Price | Popeye’s chicken | football | mini nap with Autumn | spray paint chairs | pizza roll up for dinner | 2.4 mile walk with Autumn | Price works on chair seats | blogging | football | bed

140915_weekendrecap_20 140915_weekendrecap_21




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