10.3-5: Weekend Recap

Get Autumn from daycare | order Vietnamese food | Price gets home | get food | dinner | Autumn to bed | kitchen cleaning | fell asleep on sofa | pump | bed

141006_weekend recap-01

141006_weekend recap-02

Autumn woke up at 4 | back to bed at 5.30 | up at 7.30 | Autumn has breakfast | grocery shopping at Market Basket | Starbucks | pick up packages at my office | pumping | put away groceries | big house clean day- floors, bathroom, laundry, total gut clean out of refrigerator | make  HaHa’s Chicken for dinner | work on laptop for deadline | prep breakfast casserole | pump | bed at 11.30

141006_weekend recap-03 141006_weekend recap-04

141006_weekend recap-05

141006_weekend recap-06

141006_weekend recap-07

141006_weekend recap-08 141006_weekend recap-09

141006_weekend recap-10 141006_weekend recap-11


up early | Make French Toast Casserole- shared w neighbors | take bath with Autumn | work while Autumn naps | make a big salad for our lunches | go to work for fashion show team work session | Autumn doesn’t nap, sleeps in car | talk to Emily | take Autumn on a walk | watch DVR’d NASCAR race|  have HaHa’s leftovers for dinner | Price gives Autumn a bath | Autumn to bed | re-org linen closet | Price cleans bathroom tub, new shower head | pump | fold laundry | bed

141006_weekend recap-12

141006_weekend recap-13 141006_weekend recap-14

141006_weekend recap-15

141006_weekend recap-16


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