10.31-11.2: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

leave work @ 3, missed bus | get home, pump, get Autumn | get Kemper from vet | Price gets home |  Autumn is a mermaid | left overs for dinner | hand out candy to Trick or Treaters | Autumn to bed | pump | Fell asleep on sofa before 9! | Price watched scary shows | pump | go to bed

141104_Weekend recap_01

141104_Weekend recap_02

141104_Weekend recap_03 141104_Weekend recap_04

141104_Weekend recap_05 141104_Weekend recap_06

141104_Weekend recap_07 141104_Weekend recap_08


Price up with Autumn at 5.35 | I slept in until 7.50! | overnight oats for breakfast | Autumn naps | finish Autumn’s cornice |get ready | go to Chelsea Library for Family Literacy Day | Walmart | Trader Joe’s | Carter’s | home|  Autumn naps | Price made TJ’s shrimp fried rice for lunch | fold & put away Autumn’s clothes | Price gives Autumn a bath & puts her to bed | sew blanket | make dinner | watched part of Django Unchained | bed

141104_Weekend recap_09

141104_Weekend recap_10 141104_Weekend recap_11

141104_Weekend recap_12

141104_Weekend recap_13 141104_Weekend recap_14

141104_Weekend recap_15 141104_Weekend recap_16


up at 4.35 (stupid day light savings!) | made breakfast – overnight oats and ham & cheese omelet | SNL | Autumn & Price napped 7- 8.15, I did blogging work | cut Bunny’s nails. |  shower & get ready | Price & Autumn went to Stop & Shop and Home Depot, I got to cook | lunch | Autumn naps | Price went to Home Depot again | Price cleans the heaters and vaccums upstairs | Autumn has dinner- bread, sauce, cheese | dinner- marinara with meatballs | Autumn to get at 6.15 | reload dishwasher | blogging | watch end of the NASCAR race | Grimm | laundry | pay bills | bed

141104_Weekend recap_17

141104_Weekend recap_18

141104_Weekend recap_19

141104_Weekend recap_20 141104_Weekend recap_21

141104_Weekend recap_22

141104_Weekend recap_23

141104_Weekend recap_24 141104_Weekend recap_25

141104_Weekend recap_26 141104_Weekend recap_27

141104_Weekend recap_28


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