11.8-10: Weekend Recap

{Friday Night}

get home | large format engagement photos have arrived | dinner | Autumn bath & to bed | laundry | draft holiday card | Grimm | bed


sleep in until 6:20am | bagels for breakfast | Price goes to Home Depot | Ikea for picture frames and misc party items | Price to a different Home Depot for tool box | brop off rabbit hay and pellets to Libby | Tasty Burger for lunch | Price mows lawn, plants roses, and cleans shed | frame three family pictures | Price gets Frank up and running again (dead battery) | lots of laundry | start watching American Hustle | begin cricut cutting items for Autumns birthday party | bed at 11:00pm


Price walks Kemper | Price fixes Autumn’s mobile | waffles for breakfast | Price spray paints chairs | Finish 3 of the four cushions for chairs | laundry | acorn squash, roasted broccoli, and meatballs for lunch | nap with Autumn | go food shopping at Costco | Price goes to Home Depot (again!) | Chicken and salad for dinner | Autumn to bed | mug cup-a-cake | work for a few hours | bed


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