11.26-11.30: Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

{Wednesday Night}

home from work | dinner & bath for Autumn | misc dinner snacking for us | make cranberry sauce | misc thanksgiving prep & wine time ūüôā | bed

141201_weekend Recap-1

141201_weekend Recap-2



up early | finish defrosting the 22 lb turkey in the tub | turkey prep | breakfast Mimosas and breadkfast sandwiches | watch the Today¬†Show | Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade | National Dog Show | afternoon nap wit Kemper¬†| Autumn up Thanksgiving dinner | Autumn bedtime routine |¬†lounge around and eat Candy Cane Joe-Joe’s | dishes |¬†bed

141201_weekend Recap-3

141201_weekend Recap-4 141201_weekend Recap-5

141201_weekend Recap-6 141201_weekend Recap-7

141201_weekend Recap-8

141201_weekend Recap-9 141201_weekend Recap-10


up early | more dishes | McDonald’s breakfast | day spent at Catherine & Ed’s with Elaine, Dan & Mary | head home |¬†tons of traffic | bath with Autumn | more kitchen clean up | lounge around | Grimm | bed

141201_weekend Recap-11

141201_weekend Recap-12

141201_weekend Recap-13 141201_weekend Recap-14

141201_weekend Recap-15 141201_weekend Recap-16

141201_weekend Recap-17

141201_weekend Recap-18 141201_weekend Recap-19


¬†up early | walk with Kemper to get bagels | breakfast | Autumn’s morning nap | visit the New England Aquarium | Faneuil Hall | Texas Roadhouse for lunch | home | Autumn has a bottle and goes down for a nap | make bone broth | dinner of leftovers | make cookie dough | go to bed early

141201_weekend Recap-20

141201_weekend Recap-21 141201_weekend Recap-22

141201_weekend Recap-23 141201_weekend Recap-24

141201_weekend Recap-25

141201_weekend Recap-26 141201_weekend Recap-27


¬†sleep in until 7! | kick ass breakfast sandwiches | grocery shopping | start dinner | 3 mile walk with Autunn to the park | nap strike | decorating the tree | have an early¬†dinner | Autumn get’s a bath and goes to bed | bake cookies | load the dishes | go to bed

141201_weekend Recap-28

141201_weekend Recap-29

141201_weekend Recap-30

141201_weekend Recap-31 141201_weekend Recap-32

141201_weekend Recap-33

141201_weekend Recap-34 141201_weekend Recap-35


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