12.5-7: Weekend Recap


  home from work | Autumn dinner & bath | Price gets home | dishes | Autumn to bed | make dinner- soup | pumping | blogging & write yelp reviews | Grimm | bed @ 10.45

141208_weekend recap-1 141208_weekend recap-2

141208_weekend recap-3


get u at 7 | laundry and house stuff | breakfast- eggs and hashbrowns | Autumn takes her morning nap | get ready Knoll Christmas photo shoot | printing Save the Date labels | home | Autumn naps | DVR’d shows and playing around at home | dinner | Autumn gets bath & goes to bed | work while watching Sex Tape | bed just after 10pm

141208_weekend recap-4 141208_weekend recap-5

141208_weekend recap-6 141208_weekend recap-7

141208_weekend recap-8 141208_weekend recap-9

141208_weekend recap-10 141208_weekend recap-11


up at 5.35 | breakfast- random leftovers | get ready | Sweet Meadow Farm for bunny hay | Target | back home | lunch- zoodles & chicken sausage with pesto |Price ran errands while Autumn napped | make dinner: roasted pork tenderloin with fennel, Brussels sprouts | salt ornaments | Autumn goes to bed | make cookies | work | bed

141208_weekend recap-12

141208_weekend recap-13 141208_weekend recap-14

141208_weekend recap-15 141208_weekend recap-16

141208_weekend recap-17 141208_weekend recap-18 141208_weekend recap-19

141208_weekend recap-20 141208_weekend recap-21


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