12.12-14: Weekend Recap


Work from home | Autumn’s orthopedic appointment at Children’s Hospital- 6 more months of the brace | home | Autumn has dinner | we snack for dinner | kitchen clean up | Grimm | go to bed

141215_Weekend recap_01 141215_Weekend recap_02

141215_Weekend recap_03


 up at 6.15 | Price goes to Home Depot & Rite Aid | make pancakes | Price and Kemper go to get Paul’s Foreign Auto Body to get Frank’s oil changed | Autumn naps |  shower & get ready, pump | go Ikea for wadrobe | lunch at Ikea | Indy gets an oil change | home | nap in the car with Autumn | Autumn has dinner | Pizza Hut delivery | Autumn goes to bed | work | bed at 10.15

141215_Weekend recap_04

141215_Weekend recap_05

141215_Weekend recap_06 141215_Weekend recap_07


 up at 6.45 | leftover’s for breakfast | went to my office to pick up stuff | Petsmart | Old Navy | McDonald’s coffee | Autumn naps in car | bottle at home | make M&M cookie bars with Autumn for daycare | leftover pizza for lunch | Price assembles the wardrobe | Autumn takes afternoon nap|  make Rolo cookie cups | dinner | bath  | Syracuse basketball game | put away clothes, make bed | bed at 11

141215_Weekend recap_08 141215_Weekend recap_09

141215_Weekend recap_10 141215_Weekend recap_11

141215_Weekend recap_12 141215_Weekend recap_13

141215_Weekend recap_14

141215_Weekend recap_15


One thought on “12.12-14: Weekend Recap

  1. mom says:

    I love hearing about your weekend
    the pics of autumn are delightful
    u used to sit in a cardboard box 🙂
    I think it’s awesome that she watches the mixer
    she is such a happy girl because she has wonderful parents who love her.


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